dimmer.el is an Emacs minor mode that indicates which buffer is currently active by dimming the faces in the other buffers. It does this nondestructively, and computes the dimmed faces dynamically such that your overall color scheme is shown in a muted form without requiring you to define what is a “dim” version of every face.

dimmer.el can be configured to adjust foreground colors (default), background colors, or both.

Changed in this update:

  • Features
    • Added dimmer-configure-org [#32]
    • Expanded the part of the documentation that describes what the “dimming” calculation really does. [#31]
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed a bug where the *Org Agenda* buffer got “stuck” in a dimmed state for users who install org-plus-contrib. [#33]
    • Fixed typo in the detection of *LV* buffers used in hydra and other packages. [#35]
  • Development and CI improvements
    • Added more debugging print statements with controllable verbosity.
    • Upgraded to latest elisp-lint release.
    • Added Emacs 27 to the CI test matrix.
    • Update build steps to download ELPA’s new gnupg signing key explicitly.

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